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Technical Bulletin No. 19

As energy codes evolve, the use of air barriers in the building envelope is becoming more prevalent.

To address this, Lamtec has had air permeance testing conducted on its polypropylene based vapor retarders in accordance with ASTM E2178.

The complete report can be downloaded here.

When reviewing this data and considering the use of Lamtec's products in an air barrier system, please consider the following:

  • Air leakage at 75 Pa was found to be extremely low, 1X10-6 L/.Pa.m2.s
  • The air barrier material is only one component of an air barrier system. Lamtec does not make any claims regarding the overall air leakage of the building or the installed air barrier system.
  • Lamtec's polypropylene based products are both Air Barriers and Vapor Retarders. As such, it is important that they be installed, in most applications, to the warm side of the insulation. Installation on the cold side may result in trapped moisture and condensation problems.
  • When being used as the air barrier/vapor retarder, it is suggested that the Design Engineer and/or Architect approve the use and placement of these materials in their designs