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Proper Handling, Packaging and Storage of Foil Faced Metal Building Insulation Composites
Technical Bulletin No. 11

Vapor retarders that have exposed aluminum foil surfaces, such as R-3035 HD and Arenashield, are susceptible, under specific conditions, to a form of oxidation that results in dark stains on the surface of the foil. These stains can develop when the foil is allowed to remain in direct contact with wet insulation and/or wet insulation packaging.

  1. When using water based adhesives, make certain that the application rate is as low as possible. It is important to limit the amount of water in the insulation. A typical water based adhesive, applied at the correct application rate, will add approximately one pound of water to a 400 sq. ft. roll of insulation.
  2. Allow the laminated material to dry as much as possible before sealing the material in plastic non-permeable packaging. This is the most critical in the cooler months of the year, as dew point temperatures will likely be reached.
  3. Make certain that all packaging has sufficient ventilation to avoid condensation, both within the package and on the surface of the foil. If condensation forms, remove the material from the package and allow it to thoroughly dry. The potential for staining is very high when water is visible within the package.
  4. At the jobsite, all packages should be stored on a pallet or similar surface. Rolls should never be stored in direct contact with the ground or on concrete slabs.