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Mold & Metal Building Facings
Technical Bulletin No. 13

Mold Growth in residential construction and commercial office buildings has received considerable attention in the past few years. There are no simple answers to preventing mold growth, as it is a complex issue.

There are misconceptions that wood and paper based building materials are responsible for mold growth within building constructions. In fact, under the right conditions, mold can grow on plastic, paper, dust, concrete, organic and inorganic insulation as well as any other materials that contain a carbon based food source. One of the key ingredients in mold growth is moisture/ condensation.

Proper building design and workmanship are critical factors in preventing condensation and mold growth in residential and commercial constructions. Even with the best of intentions, moisture can still find its way into wall and roof systems, creating the potential for mold growth. While it is difficult to eliminate the potential for mold growth, it is possible to make the conditions within the wall system less favorable to growth.

Lamtec has always incorporated biocides into its insulation facings to help inhibit the growth of mold. Lamtec's vapor retarders comply with the strict requirements of ASTM C1338, "Standard Test Method for Determining Fungi Resistance of Insulation Materials and Facings". Lamtec's products exceed the basic requirements of this procedure and do not allow the growth of the test organisms for the duration of the 28 day incubation period of the test.

When selecting a vapor retarder it is important to note that:

  • All of Lamtec's "WMP" and "WCF" metal building facings have an integral biocide.
  • All Lamtec facings exceed the strict requirements of ASTM C1338, the test method designed to evaluate mold resistance of the fiberglass insulation and facings.

Under the right conditions mold can grow on paper, plastics and even concrete. Moisture is the KEY INGREDIENT to promoting mold growth. Therefore, to reduce the risk of mold growth, it is important that moisture problems be resolved as quickly as possible.