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Light Reflectivity Cost Savings
Technical Bulletin No. 16


Lamtec White Facings Reduce Lighting Investment Cost and Annual Electricity Costs


Compare the lighting fixture requirements and energy costs using Lamtec white metal building facings versus a conventional galvanized metal roof deck.


Two (2) industrial facilities totaling 420,000 ft2, completed in 2010

  • Building 1: 260,000ft2 faced with WMP-50 in the roof
  • Building 2: 160,000ft2 faced with WMP-UV HD in the roof

Interior precast walls painted with eggshell off white finish


  • Approximately 30 foot candles maintained illumination T5HO high bay 6 lamp 324 watt wide distribution fluorescent light fixtures with up-lighting.
  • Ceiling height varies between 25 and 32 feet
  • Lighting installed at 22 ft. above finished floor


WMP-50 and WMP-UV HD light reflectance is 85%*


The plain galvanized metal roof deck light reflectance is 62%**


Slide left or right to view full table data.

Sample Building Fixture Count
Plain Galvanized
Fixture Count
Lamtec White Facing
Fixture Reduction kW Reduction Annual Savings
Building 1:
260,000 ft2
544 434 110 42.27 $28,994
Building 2:
160,000 ft2
322 264 58 22.27 $15,228

Calculations Based On:

  • Hours of operation/year = (260 days/year)*(24 hours/day) = 6240 hours/year
  • Electricity Cost = $.11/kW hour

*The light reflectance of Lamtec facings is provided on the specification sheets available at www.lamtec.com

**Light reflectance determined in testing by Atlas Services Group on May 3rd, 2011.


  • Lamtec facings reduced the number of lighting fixtures required by 20% in Building # 1 and 18% in Building #2; reducing the total investment cost in lighting fixtures.
  • Lamtec facings reduced the annual lighting cost by $28,994/year in Building #1 and $15,288/year in Building #2.
  • Lamtec facings offer exceptional benefits for their outstanding light reflectivity when compared to a plain galvanized metal roof deck.
  • As with any project, Lamtec recommends consulting your design engineer for your specific design criteria and lighting calculations.